how google pay us (as a publisher) ?

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how google pay us?

good, if readers not yet believe what google give, let us read this part formerly, where shall we read truth from that given by google adsense. google actually has various service, there google pages, google blogger, google adsense, google adwords, google search, google webmaster, and various another service.

google adsense doesn't quit of existence google adwords. google adwords where is advertiser (advertiser) can advertise product or their service is specially cooperates with google. advertisers will get special treatment, semisal with menampilkannya site descriptions trivial lines the advertiser that put at a website mendalamnya sometimes advertisement code adsense.

of course, advertisement will appear with keyword niche or one type with site concerned advertiser will pay google with method formula cost per click, that is where google be paid as according to total click that accepted by advertisement. but google not may be turn on advertisement only in their site.

for the reason, created adsense. the creator same exactly the launching date with google adwords adsense stage furthermore, where google put advertisement their advertisers in site that contain code adsense. when does advertisement adsense a clicked by visitor other, so percentage from money total that taked by the advertiser to google to display advertisement concerned be divided with the site owner

for example easy, if a advertiser pays google at the price of 1.00 to per click it, so publisher will get flat percentage from total 1.00. percentage commonly use to pay publisher, lowest 40% and average all 50% one undersize dollar yes? yes really undersize. but conceive if site visitor a publisher minimal 200 person per the weeks, so at least publisher will get around 5-10 dollar per the week. and if minimal visitor 1000 persons per the week, so 10x1000 = 10000 dollars. so that publisher can achieve and get money approximately as much as 10000 dollars within a week

how? interested to try? so much truth proof from google adsense. so the easy language, advertisers uses service adword to advertise their product and displayed in program adsense that used by publisher. congratulation try. . .
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